What We Do

AIM KS is a ministry whose sole aim is to abolish abortion in Kansas biblically, that is, immediately without compromise or exception. Established in Spring 2021 under Lighthouse Baptist Church in St. George, Kansas, we achieve this aim by:

➸Pleading and praying at the places of murder, so called abortion “clinics” in Kansas, of which there are 4 (besides hospitals not devoted to abortion and stores selling murderous pills).
➸Transforming the culture at large by evangelizing, drop-carding, informing citizens, and creating and sharing media.
➸Pushing for legislation that provides equal protection for the preborn according to the whole counsel of God.
➸Providing for parents who choose to repent of their murderous desire.

What We Believe

If we are ever going to end this injustice, we must allow our lives, laws, and ministries to be completely transformed by God’s Word. We believe what God has to say on abortion can be summed up in these 12 Principles:

1. God’s Glory First
2. The Gospel is Our Best Tool
3. Abortion is Murder

4. Not Ecumenical, but Church Driven
5. Not Compromising, but Principled
6. Not Prejudicial, but Equal Justice
7. Not Vigilante, but Biblical Punishment
8. Not Judicial Supremacy, but Lawfulness
9. Not Weak, but Proportionate
10. Not Delayed, but Immediate Repentance
11. Not Passive, but Urgent
12. Not Burdens, but Blessings

See the Scripture and explanation for each point here.

Who We Are

Jared Burdick

Jared, our first of three officers, grew up in northern Iowa on a dairy farm. He now resides in St. George with his wife of almost 2 years, Grace. He owns and operates a welding and fabrication business. He is a member at Lighthouse Baptist Church in St. George.

He has been a born-again believer in Jesus Christ since April of 2017 and it is his desire to see God glorified in all that he does.
Valley Scharping

Valley grew up in Wichita, Kansas in a very broken, anti-Christian home, but the Lord called him out of the miry pit (Psalm 40:1-2) as a young man. He learned, like Christ, to be obedient through what he suffered in this life (Hebrews 5:8); the toil that was his curse he turned to life and joy through the Holy Spirit. Now, he works to fulfill the Great Commission and the whole Law by, amongst other things, loving his preborn neighbor at the mills, evangelizing the lost of Manhattan, building up his church, and taking dominion as he runs his own fine woodworks business in Manhattan, Kansas.
Jacen Clapp

Jacen grew up in Southeastern, Kansas. God called Him to belief in Jesus Christ at 15 years old. Being from a non-Christian home made his new convictions difficult, but the Lord was always faithful. Once he had graduated high school, he went on to community college to get his Associates and then to University to get his Bachelors. While at university, Jacen met his wife, Irene. They married two weeks after he graduated college and then 10 months later they were blessed to birth their first child, Anastasia JoAnn, into the world!

At public university, Jacen saw the wickedness of the pro-abortion movement and knew that it had to be countered with the Gospel of Christ. So he met with other like-minded Christians to start AIM to seek the abolition of abortion in the state of Kansas.

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