Abolish Abortion Kansas Act

A bill to establish equal justice for the preborn and the total & immediate abolition of abortion.


Making the Bill

This bill has been drafted with the utmost thought and care over several years, with thorough counsel from the Kansas Revisor of Statutes, lawyers from this state and others, and countless pastors and followers of Christ. Spearheaded by April Cromer, this bill has been updated tirelessly each year to reflect any changes in law and to ensure that it addresses every aspect of the law relevant to abortion. At over 60 pages long, child sacrifice clearly touches many parts of Kansas law, from medical practice, to insurance, to vaccines, to IVF, and to current Pro-Life laws that protect abortion.

After years of being shut down by legislative leadership and by Pro-Life lobbies, the Abolish Abortion Kansas Act was introduced in the 2022 session and promptly killed in committee (HB 2746). In 2023, with more support than ever, abolitionists in Kansas are demanding that the AAKA finally pass.

Bill Summary

the Most up-to-date Revision

All 26 sections of the 63-page bill summarized, including

➸Defining abortion
➸Establishing it as a felony crime equivalent to 1st degree murder
➸Amending or repealing former laws addressing abortion
➸Establishing inseverability
➸Reaffirming the separation of powers in our Constitution regarding extra-legislative attempts to stop this law

The Entirety of the Bill

the full 63-pages

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