AIM KS regularly organizes daily, weekly, and monthly trips to abortion mills. Quarterly, we have Pastor’s Luncheons and Statewide Leader Meetings. Annually, we host an Abolish Abortion Conference for our state, and a Rally at the Capitol to demand abolition. And there are many more speaking engagements, debates, and cultural events throughout the year.


Upcoming Events

2024 has many things ahead: a Nationwide Conference hosted in Charlotte, NC, our Rally at the Capitol, and many more opportunities to spread God’s kingdom.

Abolish Abortion Rally

  • Wed, March 27th, 8am – 5pm
  • The Capitol, Topeka, KS


Our Response to Genocide in Kansas:

Babies killed Every Day

For 50 years. And that is only the children we know are killed in Kansas. The reporting standards are not exact. This does not count children killed by their parents using “the Pill,” Plan B, IUD’s, or IVF.

Evangelical Christians

Most of which claim to be “Pro-Life.” Many volunteer for, donate to, and vote with “Pro-Life” organizations. Are these Christians doing anything tangible about the baby genocide? Do they even know that “the Pill” they are on kills conceived children or that baby murder Plan B pills are sold in every grocery store?

Of Weekly Abortions have Christians Present

Of the weekly hours in which abortions are performed, 26% of the time, there is at least 1 Christian present, protesting and pleading with parents. And that is our best week. Does abortion actually matter to Christians?

What if hundreds of Christians finally showed up to make a holy debacle at these death camps?