Who We Are

AIM KS is an abortion abolitionist ministry out of St. George, Kansas.
Our name stands for the central fact of this ministry: Abortion Is Murder.


To glorify God by
keepING the Golden Rule in a Bleeding Land.


to abolish abortion in Kansas biblically, that is, immediately without compromise or exception BY EVANGELIZING THE WORLD, EQUIPPING THE SAINTS, AND ENGAGING LEGISLATORS.


Our History

AIM KS was established in the Spring of 2021 after several families and singles (some of whom met at an abortion mill) saw the need for the distinct call for abolition of abortion to be organized. Part of Lighthouse Baptist Church, AIM KS quickly became the leading voice for abolitionism in KS. As our vision for Kansas clarified, God brought more and more Christians all over the state to this fight and has enabled us to do more than ever to bring about the end of child sacrifice in our state.

But this is just the beginning of the movement. Abortion must be abolished, and we will not let up until our mission is complete.

Annually Elected


Jared grew up in northern Iowa on a dairy farm. He now resides in St. George with his wife of 2 years, Grace, and their daughter. He owns and operates a welding and fabrication business. He is a member at Lighthouse Baptist Church in St. George.

He has been a born-again believer in Jesus Christ since April of 2017 and it is his desire to see God glorified in all that he does.

Jacen grew up in Southeastern, Kansas. God called Him to belief in Jesus Christ at 15 years old. Being from a non-Christian home made his new convictions difficult, but the Lord was always faithful. While at University, Jacen met his wife, Irene, and they have now been blessed with two children.

Jacen saw the wickedness of the pro-abortion movement and knew that it had to be countered with the Gospel of Christ. So he met with other like-minded Christians to start AIM KS to seek the abolition of abortion in Kansas.


Lighthouse Baptist Church

LBC is a Reformed Baptist Church in the Southern Baptist Convention and part of the Spurgeon Baptist Association. Elders Jim Lowry and Chris Madsen oversee this ministry, along with many others the church is responsible for. Visit sometime or go to the website to learn more!



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