What We Do

Our mission is to abolish abortion in Kansas biblically, that is, immediately without compromise or exception.


God & Abortion

That is why our organization exists. Whatever means are just according to God in pursuit of abolishing abortion, we endeavor to do. We catechize our neighbors to bring them out of the culture of death and the hatred of childbearing. We produce resources and organize efforts for followers in Christ to be most able and willing in this fight. And we petition, encourage, and hold accountable those in political authority in our land, that they would rule justly to honor God and save the lives of the preborn.

The Three Focuses

Evangelizing the World

Real change is down stream from the culture, and the culture is changed in the person-to-person, sincere, sometimes awkward confrontations and interactions of life. We cannot hope to change hearts and minds until we trust God and choose to be bold and out-loud with our faith, for the good of our (preborn) neighbors and our land.

We evangelize the lost by:

1. Organizing Local Christian Presence at Abortion Mills

2. Leading Mission Trips to Mills for Those Around KS

3. Preaching about the Gospel & Abortion in Public

4. Handing Out Literature & Drop Cards

5. Producing Anti-Abortion Media (Video, Literature, etc.)

Equipping the Saints

“Do not grow weary of doing good” was written on purpose. There are a lot of battles Christians need to fight in this present age, and while we believe the abortion genocide is one of the most important, it cannot be done without building one another up in the faith, making each person ready with the sword of Scripture for any question, need, and challenge that may arise.

We equip Christians by:

1. Producing Abolitionist Media (Videos, Podcasts, Graphics)

2. Making Abolitionist Merchandise (Literature, Apparel, etc.)

3. Speaking about Abolition at Churches & Meetings

4. Organizing Pastor’s Luncheons

5. Organizing an Annual Conference & Rally

6. Maintaining an Abolitionist & Church Network

7. Sending Regular Communications with Christians Statewide

Engaging Legislators

Finally, we seek justice in the land and oppose “iniquitous decrees” (Isaiah 10:1-4), even where the culture does not agree. It is God who gives the results, and He often favors the faithful minority. We need to hold rulers who support baby murder accountable, call to repent legislators that compromise on abortion, and build up the faithful few Christians in politics to keep standing on the rock of Christ.

We engage authorities by:

1. Pushing for Abolition Legislation

2. Organizing an Annual Conference & Rally in Topeka

3. Keeping Regular Communication with Legislators

4. Encouraging Abolitionists Running for Office

5. Producing Media about Legislation & Votes


Next Steps​

If you already trust Christ, the next steps are simple:

Babies Murdered Every Day
“Clinics” that Murder Children
Grocery Stores Selling Baby Murder Pills (& Online)


Each Part of the Body is Indispensable