Abolitionist Candidates

Christians that are in office or are seeking office in Kansas that agree on the Principles Scripture gives us about what means we should take and what demands we should make in the pursuit of abolishing abortion.

One nation, under god

What Binds Us

This organization is full of Christians who long to see Godly men leading our state with wisdom, justice, and mercy. We who follow Christ want to support and upbuild any Christian in office or seeking office who are committed to these unifying matters:

➸ God’s Word is sufficient and inerrant
➸ Abortion is murder, and should be treated as such under the law
➸ Kansas needs to abolish abortion immediately
➸ And it needs to do so with no more moral compromise

Any candidate or official that finds agreement on these things is very welcome to let us know below, and provided they are in Kansas and agree with the above, many Christians stand ready to help you!

We Encourage All Officials to

Take a Stand

Have Mercy on Your Preborn Neighbors

And Not Grow Weary of Doing Good

Candidate FAQs

We believe that abortion must be abolished in Kansas biblically, that is, immediately, without compromise or exception.

We summarize what we mean by “biblically” in 12 Principles. We believe that if we allow our lives, laws, and ministries to be transformed by these principles from God’s Word, abortion will be abolished in our land.

1. God’s Glory Comes First
2. The Gospel is Our Best Tool
3. Abortion is Murder
4. Ministry: Church-Driven, not Ecumenical
5. Means: Principled, not Compromising
6. Justice: Equal, not Prejudicial
7. Punishment: Biblical, not Vigilante
8. Government: Lawful, not (Judicially) Tyrannical
9. Strategy: Proportionate, not Weak
10. Repentance: Immediate, not Delayed
11. Action: Urgent, not Passive
12. Children: Blessings, not Burdens

Still reach out to us. Keep searching the Scriptures and praying through them, of course. We would love to communicate and discuss with you and see where the Lord can help us be of the same mind in this fight against death.

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Candidate Form

Prayerfully answer the questions below, and we will get back to you shortly! If you haven’t, consider becoming a member as well!