What We Believe​

The heart of our ministry is to glorify God by seeking the end of modern-day child sacrifice in Kansas, to keep the Golden Rule in a Bleeding Land.


God & Abortion

That is why our organization exists. We are Christians who have been saved from death by the King of Kings, and He has appointed us for a time and place such as this, to “rescue those being taken away to death.” Our standard is God’s Word, as summarized by Jesus in the two statements above. To follow each of those laws fully, applying God’s whole counsel, means we must seek to abolish abortion in Kansas biblically, that is, immediately without compromise or exception

Our Distinctives

What Makes Us Different?

Nothing, except we fully believe this:
Abolishing abortion God’s way, from the principles of His Word, is the only way we will ever see the end of this great evil. After voting with, donating to, and volunteering for the “Pro-Life” organizations here in Kansas, we saw (and believe that you will see too) that there were none that sought to follow all of the principles from God’s Word below in the fight against abortion. We humbly endeavor to do just that, with the help of His Spirit, His Book, and the accountability of His Church.

12 Principles
We summarize God’s Word on abortion in 12 Principles.
We believe that if we allow our lives, laws, and ministries to be transformed by these principles from God’s Word, abortion will be abolished in our land.

1. God’s Glory Comes First

2. The Gospel is Our Best Tool

3. Abortion is Murder

4. Ministry: Church-Driven, not Ecumenical

5. Means: Principled, not Compromising

6. Justice: Equal, not Prejudicial

7. Punishment: Biblical, not Vigilante

8. Government: Lawful, not (Judicially) Tyrannical

9. Strategy: Proportionate, not Weak

10. Repentance: Immediate, not Delayed

11. Action: Urgent, not Passive

12. Children: Blessings, not Burdens

We urge you not to take our word for it, but test everything against God’s Word.
If you want to read more about what we mean by these principles and the many Scriptures we have in mind,


Next Steps​

If you already trust Christ, the next steps are simple:

Babies Murdered Every Day
“Clinics” that Murder Children
Grocery Stores Selling Baby Murder Pills (& Online)


Each Part of the Body is Indispensable